«Incisional hernia recurrence rates range from 10 to 50% and are reduced by more than half with the use of mesh. Experience with laparoscopic repairs employing mesh has been favorable with recurrence rates as low as 1 to 10%.»

Incisional hernias occur as a result of excessive tension and/or inadequate healing of a previous incision, which is often associated with infection at the surgical site.



Only two 5 mm incisions and one 10 mm incision.

No, this will depend on the size of your hernia. If it is less than 1 inch, it can be repaired using sutures only.

The meshes are actually made and placed expecting a reaction from the body to it, the key here is the type of mesh that is used to have a proper reaction and depending on the case, Dr. Rosales will decide which is the best material depending on which is best for you.

No, it can remain in your body for life, and actually «integrates» with your own tissues.

You will be discharged the following morning or a maximum of 48 hours after surgery, depending on the case.

Yes, but with mesh placement it is reduced to below 10%. Without mesh, the risk of recurrence can be up to 50%.

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