«More than 600,000 hernias are diagnosed annually in the United States. It is estimated that 5% of the population will develop an abdominal wall hernia. About 75% of all hernias occur in the inguinal region.»


All types of groin hernia (inguinal and femoral) are repaired using the same principles. In the past, suture-only repairs in which the patient’s tissues were approximated to close the defect were popular, but now, more of historical interest, this technique is being largely abandoned at present due to high recurrence rates and severe postoperative pain.

The best option is «tension-free» repair (open or laparoscopic), using prosthetic material (a mesh) to extensively overlap all potential hernia sites, without trying to close the defect with the patient’s weakened tissues, leading to fewer recurrences and much less pain; The incorporation of this concept into the laparoscopic approach has meant that inguinal hernia repair has evolved enormously in the last 15 years.



Yes, as it considerably reduces the risk of recurrence and postoperative pain.

The meshes are actually made and placed expecting a reaction from the body to it, the key here is the type of mesh that is used to have a proper reaction and depending on the case, Dr. Rosales will decide which is the best material depending on which one is best for you.

No, it can remain in your body for life, and actually «integrates» with your own tissues.

Yes, it is actually another advantage of performing hernia repair laparoscopically, patients with hernias on one side are more likely to have a subclinical hernia in the other groin.

You will be discharged the next morning after surgery.

Yes, but with mesh placement it is reduced to below 1%.

It will be the exact same brand and type of mesh; we only use FDA approved medical supplies.

Of course, we are qualified and experienced in «open» hernia repair as well and will be happy to help you.

Not at all, this is actually one of the major advantages of the laparoscopic approach, less pain and rapid recovery.

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